Question: Why are sororities not allowed to throw their own parties?

The reason that the NPC gives for this seemingly archaic rule is that its much cheaper to insure sororities if alcohol isnt allowed in their houses. Sorority members pay about $25 to $50 a year for insurance policies, while fraternity members pay $180.

Why are sororities not allowed to throw parties?

Since many believe that parties with alcohol are the only reasonable type of parties, they declared that sororities couldnt have one. The only way for a sorority to organize a party is if they co-host fraternity parties or if they have a third-party vendor.

Why cant sororities post with alcohol?

National sorority organizations tend to ban alcohol to get lower insurance rates, or because they argue that women dont want to live in a place with rowdy parties.

Can you go to frat parties without being in a frat?

Just rush a goddamn frat if you want to go to frat parties. If youre not in a frat, its easy to join groups and clubs who also like to party. This is the right answer.

Do you pay to be in a sorority?

Being in a sorority isnt cheap. Women pay national and chapter dues, plus new member fees, which all vary by organization. Dues are around $400 for sororities per semester. But the university says living in one of the chapter houses is typically less expensive than living in dorms.

How do you make friends without joining a sorority?

How to Find Your “Girl Gang” Without Joining a SororityJoin an Intramural or Club Sports Team. One of the best ways to meet girls and build awesome friendships is to try out for a sports team. Join RSOs and Clubs that Actually Interest You. Go to a New Workout Class. Apply for a Job on Campus.9 Dec 2018

Are frats cheaper than dorms?

As mentioned above, fraternity house living is often more affordable than, if not comparable to, on-campus dorm costs. Chances are that a nice apartment close to campus will be more expensive and can induce the separate cost of utilities/water, driving to and from school, and a non-resident parking permit.

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