Question: What can I do with my boyfriend in Singapore?

What fun things can I do with my boyfriend?

Fun Things To Do With Your BoyfriendPicnic. As long as the weather is good enough, going out on a picnic date is far more adventurous and exciting than sitting at home watching Netflix. Camping. Trivia Night. Trampoline World. Go Canoeing. Attend A Concert. Work On A Project. Play Video Games.More items •5 Feb 2021

What can we do during lockdown?

Productive things you can do at home:Set goals. Productivity is about progress - its about breaking our long-term goals down into daily action so that we can grow and develop. Learn a language. Take a course. Listen to a podcast. Learn to play an instrument. Get reading. Give your home a spring clean. Take up photography.More items •12 Jun 2021

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