Question: How do you tell if a guy is a chubby chaser?

How do you know if a guy is a chubby chaser?

Signs you are with a chubby chaser is he will not offer any support when you attempt to lose weight. In fact, he will find ways to sabotage your efforts to lose weight. He will try to convince you that you are fine just the way they are, even when the doctors say otherwise.

What is a fatty chaser?

chubby chaser (plural chubby chasers) (informal) A person who is specifically sexually attracted to overweight or obese people.

Is cranberry juice a good chaser?

A good mixer or chaser for vodka is one that compliments the flavor of the vodka rather than dulling it completely. Some examples include orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, flavored clear sodas (like Sprite), ginger ale, beer, energy drinks (like Red Bull or Monster), and sparkling water.

What do you drink as a chaser?

Top 6 Chasers For Alcoholic BeveragesGinger Beer. Soda. Pickle Juice. Water. Fruit Juices and “Aids” Beer/Hard Seltzer.

Can you use water as a chaser?

Water hydrates your body and prevents the severe symptoms of a hangover. Another benefit of using water as a drink chaser is that it is a cheaper and readily available alternative, especially tapped water. In addition, it is also easier to clean when spilled than most colored chasers such as soda and juice.

What is a chaser drinking?

1 : one that chases. 2 : a drink of a different kind taken immediately after a stronger or weaker one whiskey with a beer chaser beer with a whiskey chaser broadly : something drunk or eaten immediately after something else …

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