Question: Is it bad to be attracted to a coworker?

Being sexually attracted to a co-worker is, for the most part, safe and harmless. But when it turns into something more, like a relationship, it could cause unforeseen problems. Relationships within the workplace are more common than you might think.

How do you fight attraction to a coworker?

Avoid putting yourself in situations where you will work closely with a person you are inappropriately attracted to. Similarly, watch for signs that your coworker has feelings for you. If you find this difficult, request a transfer out of the project, or ask for another colleague to be brought in to work as a buffer.

Why do we get attracted to coworkers?

We spend more time with our colleagues than almost anyone else. This can lead to vicinity attraction where you develop feelings for someone because youre around them all the time.

Is it bad to flirt with a coworker?

Many companies have firm rules against intra-office romance — if yours falls into this camp, its absolutely not OK to flirt at work. However, if your company is more relaxed about this issue, its acceptable to flirt with your office crush at work as long as you keep it appropriate and dont cross any lines.

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