Question: What does ARG do for a living?

Whats happened to ARG?

James Arg Argent has taken to Instagram to celebrate what he says is the start of his weightloss journey. The star of The Only Way Is Essex shared a snap of himself in a medical bed, revealing that he had undergone gastric sleeve surgery. In the post, he heralded it as the first day of the rest of my life.

Why does Arg put on weight?

The reality star blamed his weight gain on the COVID-19 pandemic which closed gyms and swimming pools.

How did James Arg lose weight?

He has been on a mission to lose weight after having gastric sleeve surgery 16 weeks ago. James Arg Argent showed off his incredible seven stone weight loss as he exited the water while enjoying a sun-soaked holiday in Marbella on Saturday.

What is Mark Wrights net worth?

Mark Wright born in 1987 in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, is a renowned English reality TV celebrity and a radio presenter. His net worth stands at $4 million.

How much do TOWIE stars get paid?

This reality show, which started more than a decade ago is where a lot of local celebs made their names including Gemma Collins, Joey Essex and Mark Wright. On average, the TOWIE stars have an estimated net worth of £4,417,857 have 1.6million Instagram followers, making £5,794 for every post.

What is wrong with James Arg?

Arg, 33, is now agonising over which gastric surgery to have. He is torn between a bypass, which staples part of the stomach together to make it smaller, or a sleeve gastrectomy where a large section of the stomach is removed. He told The Sun: “I dont want to die. An op is the only way I can lose weight.

Are Gemma and Arg still together?

According to sources, the couple have rekindled their relationship in recent months and have kept their new romance under the radar so far. The Towie star had recently opened up about how much her relationship with Arg, 33, had affected her and her family as she tried to help him through his addiction issues.

Is Gatsby in towie rich?

According to The Sun in 2018, Gatsby is “reportedly worth millions.” Hes said to have made his dosh as a real estate broker and as a business partner in the London Dermatology Centre. Although it is unconfirmed what Gatsbys net worth is, Metro reported that it is estimated at £2m in 2018.

Are Gemma and Arg still together 2021?

Arg, in the last few months, also opened up about his relationship with Gemma, and said she was no longer blocked on his phone. Were not officially back together, he said during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Why did Arg and Gemma split?

The Sun exclusively revealed the former Towie couple had split after Arg told his supportive girlfriend he wanted an open relationship and cruelly branded her a hippo in a text. The Celebrity Big Brother star had revealed furious texts Arg sent her in the wake of their explosive split on social media.

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