Question: What happens when two different cultures come together?

Acculturation is related to the word culture. Obviously people in different parts of the world have different cultures, and when they come together, the result is often acculturation.

What is it called when 2 cultures come together?

Acculturation is one of several forms of culture contact, and has a couple of closely related terms, including assimilation and amalgamation. Amalgamation refers to a blending of cultures, rather than one group eliminating another (acculturation) or one group mixing itself into another (assimilation).

When 2 or more cultures merge and a new culture develops is called?

When 2 Cultures Come Together. A merger is the integration of two organizations into one. Integrate “culture” in the process of the due diligence. Do this early on.

Why is it important for different culture to interact with each other?

Learning about other cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we live. It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. So that as we interact with others we can build bridges to trust, respect, and understanding across cultures.

What do you call a person who loves his own culture?

ethnocentrism. [ (eth-noh-sen-triz-uhm) ] The belief that ones own culture is superior to all others and is the standard by which all other cultures should be measured.

Is it possible to have two cultures?

A person can become bi-cultural by moving from one country to another, or if they are born and raised in one country by parents who came from elsewhere. But bi-cultural people may experience their upbringing as the collision of multiple worlds.

What do you call a culture within a culture?

People who interact in a defined territory and share a culture form a society, where there might be more than one culture and/or different layers of cultures within cultures or what is called “subculture”.

What is a Gallivanter?

The definition of a gallivanter is a person who goes off or travels around in search of amusement, fun or adventure. A person who leaves his job and travels around Europe in search of fun and adventure is an example of a gallivanter. noun.

What is an ethnocentric view?

Anthropologists generally define ethnocentrism as the view held by members of a particular culture that the values and ways of ones own group are superior to others, and that all other cultures are judged inferior with reference to this view.

What could be the advantages of living within two cultures?

From this angle, being bi-cultural allows you many positives: to appreciate both kinds of music, food, ways of thinking, clothing, family relationships…. A drawback could be always feeling a little different, in each culture, as you have the advantage/disadvantage of understanding both perspectives.

What is the advantage of living between two cultures?

One reason for the many advantages of being bicultural is that exposure to diverse beliefs and worldviews enables biculturals to consider different perspectives. This can help them come up with new ways to solve problems and respond to tricky situations.

What do you call a culture within the dominant culture answer?

A subculture is a group that lives differently from, but not opposed to, the dominant culture. A subculture is a culture within a culture. Members of these subcultures do belong to the dominant culture but also have a material and nonmaterial culture specific to their subcultures.

What are examples of dominant cultures?

Examples of dominant cultures Asian Americans, Jews, African Americans, Latinos, and Deaf people, among others, are seen as facing a choice to oppose, be opposed by, assimilate into, acculturate (i.e. exist alongside), or otherwise react to the dominant culture.

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