Question: How do I connect to Korean online?

The first way to make Korean friends online is through a site called This site is great, especially if youre already in Seoul, as it is not a chatting app but instead a listing of events happening near you where you can go and make those new friends in person!

How do you make Korean connections?

How to Make Friends in Korea: 6 Tried and True StrategiesUse Social Media. When you arrive in South Korea, buy a Korean SIM card and start downloading social media apps. Join Expat Communities. Immerse Yourself in Foodie Culture. Enjoy Sports and Outdoor Activities. Play Video Games. Learn Korean.

What app do Koreans communicate with?

KakaoTalk As of May 2017, KakaoTalk had 220 million registered and 49 million monthly active users. It is available in 15 languages. The app is also used by 93% of smartphone owners in South Korea, where it is the most widely used messaging app for smart phones and personal computers.

What apps do Korean use to date?

Your Complete Guide to Dating Apps in Korea1km.Badoo.Bumble.Tinder.KoreanCupid.Azar.Noondate.MEEFF.More items •17 Jul 2018

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