Question: How old is Lauren Pope?

Is Lauren Pope in a relationship?

Lauren Pope, 37, confirms shes having a baby girl with millionaire boyfriend Tony Keterman. LAUREN Pope has confirmed shes having a baby girl with her millionaire boyfriend Tony Keterman. The 37-year-old proudly posed with her bump and puppy, telling fans: Me n my girls.

How OKD is Lauren Pope?

32-year-old Lauren Pope is 32, definitely.

Where was Lauren Pope born?

Torquay, United Kingdom Lauren Pope/Place of birth

Does Lauren Pope have a baby?

Lauren Pope has welcomed her first child with her boyfriend. The former The Only Way Is Essex star took to her Instagram page to share the exciting news that she has given birth to her first child.

What did Lauren Pope call her baby?

Lauren revealed that her little lady was born on July 11 and is named Raine Anais Keterman. You really are so perfect little Raine, thank you for choosing me to be your Mummy.

What is Lauren Popes baby called?

Raine Anais Keterman Lauren Pope has given birth to her first child, a baby girl called Raine Anais Keterman. The new mum shared her happy news on Instagram today sharing two photos and revealing that the child was born three days ago, on 11 July 2020.

How old is Chloe Sims?

39 years (November 2, 1981) Chloe Sims/Age

Who did Chloe Sims have a baby with?

Maria is mum to four-year-old Evie who she shares with husband Kelvin Batey, and earlier this year revealed on Instagram that they were preparing to welcome baby number two.

Does Chloe Sims have a sister?

Demi Sims Frankie Sims Chloe Sims/Sisters

Who is Lydia brights boyfriend?

Lydia Bright has rekindled her romance with Lee Cronin - which will be the third time that the new parents have got back together. The former TOWIE star, 30, welcomed her new daughter Loretta at the end of February and has detailed her and Lees journey back to romance as they try to make a go of things.

Does Chloe Sims have a child?

Madison Sims Chloe Sims/Children He usually stays out of the spotlight. Chloe Sims has given fans a rare glimpse of her daughter Madisons dad Matthew as she opened up about life as a single parent. The TOWIE star was in a relationship with Matthew for seven years and fell pregnant at the age of 22, but she became a single mum when they split.

Is Demi Chloes sister?

Shes the younger sister of Chloe Sims and currently stars on TOWIE but how much do you know about Demi Sims? The Essex star first graced our screens way back in 2014 but since then shes also starred on Celebs Go Dating and has dated a few people in the spotlight too.

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