Question: Does anyone live on Piel Island?

It is one of the Islands of Furness. It is the location of Piel Castle. The area of Piel is about 50 acres (20 hectares). As well as the landlord and his family the island has three other permanent residents who live in the old Pilots Cottages.

Who lives on Piel Island?

The Chattaways and their neighbours the Coulthards - the islands only permanent residents - both have one. They also have something else in common - they look forward to the winter months when the ferry doesnt run regularly and the island is often encased in fog, hidden from the eyes of the Lancashire mainland.

Can you visit Piel Island?

Access: Piel Island can be accessed from Roa Island by a small ferry operated during the summer season. The ferry is not managed by English Heritage. Please call Steve Chattaway (Ship Inn) on 07516453784 or Alan Cleasby on 07798794550. Dogs: Dogs on leads are welcome.

How much is the ferry to Piel Island?

There is a free car park situated by Roa Island Boat Club. In high season (April to Sept), the ferry runs backwards and forwards daily Monday to Sunday 11am – 4.30pm (weather permitting) and costs £5.00 return per adult, £3.00 return per child and under 5s are free.

Can you camp on Piel Island?

Its an island. You can camp on it. It has a castle, a King, and a pub.

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