Question: What is a Jewish matchmaker?

In reality a Jewish matchmaker is called a shadchan (שדכן).

What does Shondo mean?

shondo. Shondo means turn around for the good.

What are three common Yiddish words?

Whether youre a goy or a bar mitzvahed boy, keep reading to discover some of the best Yiddish words and phrases.Bubbe. Pronounced buh-bee, this Yiddish word is used to address your grandmother.Bupkis. The word bupkis means nothing. Chutzpah. Goy. Keppie. Klutz. Kvell. Kvetch.More items •18 Apr 2019

What does Shata mean in tongues?

A person who has what is known as “the gift of tongues” is usually in the midst of religious ecstasy, trance, or delirium. Experts call this phenomenon glossolalia, a Greek compound of the words glossa, meaning “tongue” or “language,” and lalein, meaning “to talk.”

What is a yutz?

yutz in American English a person variously regarded as ineffectual, foolish, disagreeable, contemptible, etc. Word origin. < Yiddish.

What does Shondo mean in Hebrew?

turning around Shondo isnt a Hebrew word. Its actually a slang word the church adopted and made it mean turning around as they do often.

What is Shondo in Shona?

your glans (singular) shondo yenyu. your glans (plural) shondo yake. his/her glans.

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