Question: What insurance covers bariatric surgery?

What insurance covers weight loss surgery?

Different insurance companies and policies cover different procedures, but in general, most insurance companies will at least partially cover the major bariatric surgeries: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric band.

Does any insurance cover bariatric surgery?

Bariatric Surgery is usually not covered with most insurers in the base policy. However, health insurers nowadays provide an option where you add this benefit to your health insurance policy by paying a little extra premium. So, before buying a health insurance policy, do your bit of the research.

How do I get bariatric surgery if my insurance doesnt cover it?

If your insurance does not provide coverage for bariatric surgery, there are other options available to you. Depending on plan language, consultations, nutritional counseling and pre- and post-operative tests, labs and follow-up visits may be covered, although surgery is not.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover weight loss surgery?

The Blue Cross Blue Shield weight loss surgery program offers coverage for a number of bariatric procedures. The insurance companies in all the states cover these two procedures under Blue Cross Blue Shield bariatric surgery plans. In some cases, adjustable gastric band surgery (lap band) is also covered.

What is the easiest weight loss surgery?

Lap band surgery is the least invasive procedure for weight loss surgery, yielding the fastest recovery time. We can perform this surgery in 30-60 minutes on an outpatient basis, and most of our patients go back to work in a week.

Can you be denied weight loss surgery?

But why might a patient not qualify for bariatric surgery? BMI: First and most obviously, they simply may not have a BMI that is high enough. A BMI of 35 or more with one or more obesity related conditions or BMI of 40 or greater regardless of obesity related conditions is required to have surgery.

How much is weight loss surgery without insurance?

Therefore, without health insurance, you must fund your surgery in the private hospital system. This can cost up to about $20,000 – including surgeons fees, dietician fees, anaesthetist fees, operating theatre fees and hospital stay fees.

Can you get free weight loss surgery?

Free weight loss surgery does exist, but only through weight loss surgery grants or charity care. If you are not able to get either, there are several options available to make surgery more affordable.

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