Question: Can a divorced man be called a bachelor?

A divorced male may or may not be regarded as eligible for marriage. But he could be regarded a bachelor if he is ready and able to move into a society in which marriage is a prospect, and he is interested in getting married.

Who is considered a bachelor?

A bachelor is a man who is not and has never been married.

What makes a man a bachelor?

A bachelor is a man who is not married. He is often above the median, or average, socially conventional age for marrying and is active in the dating scene.

What does it mean when someone calls themselves a bachelor?

Ever. A confirmed bachelor is a man who never intends to marry. It has also been used as an offensive euphemism for a gay man.

Is a bachelor a single man?

Senior Member. A bachelor is a man who has never married. It is noun. Single refers to a man or a woman who is not presently married (although they might previously have been.)

Is divorced a marital status?

Marital status was reported for each per- son as either “now married,” “widowed,” “divorced,” “separated,” or “never mar- ried.” Individuals who were living togeth- er (unmarried people, people in common- law marriages) reported the marital status which they considered most appropriate.

Which degree is the highest?

Doctoral degrees are regarded as the highest college degrees an individual can aspire to earn and are offered by many public and private universities. The most well-known doctoral degree type is the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

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