Question: Who bought tinder?

Match Group is solidifying its expansion beyond online dating through its acquisition of South Korean social media company Hyperconnect, CFO Gary Swidler told CNBC on Wednesday. The parent company of Tinder and OkCupid announced the $1.73 billion stock-and-cash deal for Hyperconnect a day earlier.

How much did Sean Rad make from Tinder?

The Verge reported last week that a source close to Tinder suggested that although Rad claims Tinder was undervalued in July 2017 at $3 billion, he still exercised his options and ended up receiving more than $94 million and around 816,000 shares of IAC stock.

Why was Sean fired from Tinder?

In January, IAC — a holding company led by Barry Diller with a sprawling portfolio of digital properties — filed a countersuit against Rad and his fellow plaintiffs, arguing that he had secretly copied company files and other proprietary information to his personal devices while working at Tinder and that he had

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