Question: What did I think when I worked as a waitress?

What do you like about being a waitress?

What do you love most about being a waiter or waitress? Most of all, they want servers who really try to give their customers the best service possible. Answer: I love being a server because it allows me to interact with people, think on my feet and each day I can learn one new way to deliver better service.

What do you gain from being a waitress?

Waiter/waitress skills are those that are necessary to accurately take customer orders, safely handle food and provide exceptional customer service. Some hard skills include operating point-of-sale systems, safe food handling procedures and the ability to count money and calculate change.

How would you describe your waitress skills?

Waiter or waitress skills & proficiencies:Basic Math.Verbal Communication.Excellent Customer Service.Resolve Conflict.Teamwork.Persistence.High Energy.Sell to Customer Needs.More items

Why should we hire you as a waitress?

Interviewers want to see you have passion for the job. Use this opportunity to show why you applied for a waitressing job rather than an office vacancy. One good example can be: Example Answer: Waitressing gives me the opportunity to learn on my feet and I get to serve different customers.

How long does it take to be a good Waitress?

I would say 1-2 months is about right, most people think its a simple job but it can be harder than perceived. Just remember to write everything down and ask chefs about food specifics. Ive come to realize if you smile, appear relaxed and are menu knowledgeable the customers are happy.

How can I be a better Waitress when busy?

How to be a better waitress: 8 Tips to put the icing on your Smile and Be Polite. Know your menus. Refrain from lying or embellishing. Stand and deliver. Keep your customers on side. Customers are your priority – dont make them wait, dont make them rush. Check twice, serve once. Last but not least…Appearance.15 Jul 2020

How do you sound a good waitress on a resume?

Notice: these tips will work whether you want to continue waitressing or pivot to a different career.Spice up your resume summary. Mention your waitressing skills. Change your job experience section. Group your waitressing jobs. Put testimonials on your resume. Tailor your resume to your future job.More items

How should a waitress dress?

Visit the restaurant or similar restaurants to see what other servers are wearing. Black dress pants and a denim shirt would be an example of a more casual, but still professional look. A formal uniform might include dress pants, button-up shirt and a vest, or a skirt or shift dress for women.

What to know before becoming a waitress?

10 Things I Wish Id Known Before Being a WaitressMoney is inconsistent. Appearance is everything. People will do almost anything for free food. With a predominantly female staff there can be A LOT of drama. Non-slip shoes are the best thing ever. You cannot have bad days — or at least you cant show it.More items •25 Jan 2016

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