Question: How do IRC channels work?

IRC servers on the internet accept and relay messages to connected users, each of whom is running an IRC client. Each network has one or more servers around the world that work together to relay messages. Each network also has many channels, sometimes called rooms, where users can gather.

How do I use IRC channels?

How to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat)Download a chat client (XChat and IRSSI for Linux or Windows; Colloquy for Mac).Open the chat client and enter the network name and channel that the organization specifies on their homepage.More items •15 Sep 2017

Is IRC dead?

Today, there are still over 2,000 IRC servers and almost 500 IRC networks (groups of affiliated servers) operating worldwide. Still, many people have abandoned IRC since the early 00s due to the rise of the myriad competing online social spaces.

How do I make my IRC channel private?

Set your new channel to private or secret by typing /mode #mychannel +s for secret and /mode #mychannel +p for private. If you dont mind your new channel being public, dont do anything. All new channels are automatically public.

Are IRC channels safe?

IRC is secure… Even though encryption is not mandated by IRC or enabled by default in many cases, you can still enforce encrypted client-server or server-server connections on your IRC server.

How do I register an IRC channel?

To formally register the channel, and set yourself as Founder. /msg chanserv register #CHANNEL_NAME. To invite the libera bot (ChanServ), who will preserve channel settings if everyone else leaves.

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