Question: Who is Stefans girlfriend after Elena?

Who does Stefan fall in love with after Elena?

Damon Although the show initially centered around his relationship with Elena Gilbert, it gradually moves away from the love triangle premise after Elena falls in love with Damon. Stefan falls for his best friend, and marries Caroline in Season 8s Ill Wed You In The Golden Summertime.

Who is Stefan Salvatore girlfriend?

Elena Gilbert Caroline ForbesKatherine PierceRebekah MikaelsonValerie Tulle Stefan Salvatore/Significant others

Who does Stefan love more Elena or Caroline?

Caroline once called Stefan Elenas epic love. Stefan may not have been the love of Elenas life, as she ended up falling for his brother, but Elena was always the love of his. There was no one, before or after her, that Stefan loved the way he loved Elena.

Does Stefan date anyone after Elena?

After a long struggle, Elena still chooses Stefan much to Damons dismay. In the following season, Elena realizes that her feelings for Damon cannot be denied any longer. She and Stefan break up, and in the following episode Damon and Elena finally get together and have sex.

Did Elijah crush on Elena?

Daniel Gillies has said that Elijah is in love with Elena on The Vampire Diaries. I know its a little obvious in the world of Vampire Diaries, where everyone falls in love with Elena, but I agree that Elijah sees something beautiful in her, Gillies told The Insider.

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