Question: Why do Canadians say East Indian?

In Canada, the cuisine of my home country is still referred to as East Indian, rather than just Indian, to specify its origins from the country of India, as well as to distinguish it from the cuisine of Indigenous people. This means that the need to specify cuisine from India as East Indian has become obsolete.

Who are East Indian in Canada?

In fact, people of East Indian origin make up the tenth largest ethnic group in Canada. Canadians of East Indian origin also make up the second largest non-European ethnic group in the country. In 2001, over 700,000 people of East Indian origin lived in Canada.

What ethnicity is East Indian?

East Indian people is a demonym that is used in North America to refer to: people from South Asia, South Asian ethnic groups, or. people from India, Indian people. Indo-Caribbean, Caribbean people with roots in India.

What do Canadians call people from India?

The Canadian Constitution recognizes three groups of Aboriginal peoples: Indians (more commonly referred to as First Nations), Inuit and Métis.

Why did the East Indians immigrate to Canada?

Some Indians have immigrated from the United Kingdom and the United States due to both economic and family reasons. Indians move for economic prospects to Canadas economy and job market and have been performing well against many European and some American states.

Who is the richest family in Canada?

The Thomson family The Thomson family is not only the richest family in Canada but is also one of the richest families in the world. Patriarch David Thomson, or Baron Thomson of Fleet, inherited his British title and the Thomson Corporation from his father.

Which is east side of India?

The region is bounded by Bhutan, Nepal and the state of Sikkim in the north, the states of Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on the west, the state of Andhra Pradesh in the south and the country of Bangladesh in the east. It is also bounded by the Bay of Bengal in the south-east .East IndiaLargest cityKolkata12 more rows

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