Question: How do I find someone on OkCupid?

How do I use OkCupid?

Lets get started!Step 1: Set up your account. OkCupid is available on both mobile and desktop, so you have a little bit of flexibility on how you want to play. Step 2: Pick your photos, write your bio. Step 3: Answer the questions. Step 4: Send out your likes. Step 5: Its a match! Step 6: Should you buy?Jul 8, 2018

How accurate is the green dot on OkCupid?

How accurate is the green dot on OkCupid? No, it isnt accurate at all. Thats why it was taken off the main site because it would show the green dot for an hour after the person had logged off, and if they were using mobile it shows when their phone polls for messages even if they are not actively using the site.

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