Question: What was the custom of marriage in the Amish?

Both must be members of the Amish church and baptized in the faith to marry. The bride to be does not receive a ring, instead the groom might give her something like china or a clock. Once a couple becomes engaged, they keep it secret for some time. The bride will confide in her parents so preparations can begin.

What are Amish marriages like?

Amish weddings are held during a service similar to the typical Amish worship service. The Bishop and ministers preside. The couple takes their vows before the church. After the meal, in some groups, the bride and groom visit the wedding meal guests with baskets of candy to hand out as favors.

What are Amish customs?

Faith-based Amish traditions include wearing plain clothing, living in a simple manner and helping a neighbor in need. Church buildings with pews are traded for services in community homes, choirs for solemn hymns without music and professional pastors for community leaders.

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