Question: How much does Lavalife cost?

Lavalife offers three different premium packages: 1 month subscription - $19.99. 3 month subscription - $49.99. 6 month subscription - $89.99.

How much does Lava life cost?

Free users can upgrade to a premium membership for $19.99 per month (if paying for three months at a time) or $34.99 if paying month-to-month. Lavalife offers daily speed dating events for free and premium members.

What is a Lava life profile?

Found in 19987, Lavalife is an online dating app and website that aims to make dating fun and interactive. Lavalife believes that dating should be stress-free. Lavalife urges singles to utilize the tools on its website to find the relationship theyre looking for and maybe try a few new contact methods along the way.

Is Lavalife any good?

Lavalife is a well-established dating service provider that has, over the years, developed different ways on how to connect people. It is available on different platforms, therefore making its services available to anyone at any time. It is a good matchmaking site that caters to the different needs of their members.

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