Question: Is it hard to find a man in Montreal?

Where can I meet men in Montreal?

Read on for 10 Places To Meet Hot Guys In Montreal.Pub Burgundy Lion. 2496 Notre-Dame Street West. Bar Brutus. 1290 Beaubien Street East. Pierre & Pierre. 4517 St-Denis Street. Le Mal Nécessaire. 1106B St-Laurent Street. LEntrepôt Mont-Royal. 1019 Avenue Mont-Royal Est. Mayfair. 451 Rachel Est. Soubois. Nouveau Palais.More items

Is Montreal good for immigrants?

Montreal is an Ideal Destination for Immigrants With many employment opportunities, universal health care, affordable housing and cost of living, a first class education system, and a rich culture, Montreal is a popular destination for many new Canadians to settle in.

Is it worth living in Montreal?

MONTREAL — To an outsider, Montreal might seem like the perfect place to live. It has the lowest rents of all the major cities in Canada, its the nations epicentre of art and culture, and there are more restaurants and cafés than you can visit in a year.

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