Question: How do I start a social link with Yukari?

Just like in the previous versions of the game, Yukari is an available Social Link. However, if the player chose the female protagonist, there are no requirements to start her Social Link. The Social Link starts when the player talks to her in the classroom on or after April 28th.

In Persona 3, the protagonist must have max Courage (Badass) to initiate her Social Link, while in Portable they only need Rank 2 (Ordinary). She can be found outside the bathroom on the second floor of Gekkoukan High.

How do I start Koromaru social link?

Koromaru is now a Social Link of the Strength Arcana. However, his Social Link is only available for the female protagonist. You will need to get Dog Food from Fuuka to initiate this Social Link, and she will give it to you during one of her Social Link events. Koromarus Social Link can be activated on August 15th.

What breed of dog is Koromaru?

shiba-inu Koromaru is a white shiba-inu with red eyes. When he joined S.E.E.S, he was given a special Evoker for dogs, metallic collar around his neck. He has a red armband on his left arm, a miniature, white T-Shirt, and very small angel-esque wings on his back.

How do you get aigis social link?

The protagonist can start Aigis Social Link on January 8th. She can be found during the day in Classroom 1F in Gekkoukan. Aigis gives the protagonist a Charred Screw when the Social Link is maxed, which enables the fusion of Metatron.

How do I get Elizabeth Social Link?

In order to unlock her services, the party must meet Yosukesaurus and defeat the Shadows attacking him. Afterwards Futaba Sakura will force the party to retreat as the ticket vending machine is glowing. Once back to the Cinema, Elizabeth will don an altered version of Motoko Mitsugis costume and unlock the service.

Keep in mind P3 was the first time they ever even touched on the idea. But contrary to what Hashino says, all of us here know that it is possible to max all social links in Persona 3 FES and the game even gives you a special Persona for doing so.

Representing the Aeon arcana, Aigis is a late-game Social Link who was added in the rerelease, Persona 3 FES, and she really helps ease players into a sense of finality.

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