Question: Who won Beauty and the Geek Australia 2021?

The Winners of Beauty and the Geek Australia 2021 are Lachlan and Kiera! The finale of Beauty and the Geek has aired and we have a winner! Geek Lachlan and his Beauty Kiera were both crowned winners of the show, receiving $100,000 in prize money.

Who wins Beauty and the Geek 2021?

Lachlan and Kiera won Beauty and the Geek walking away with $100,000, with the episode aired on Channel Nine and 9Now.

Who went home on Beauty and the Geek last night?

Unfortunately, James, Jess, Aira and Sam were sent home. It was the penultimate episode of Beauty and the Geek so something big was bound to happen. Host Sophie Monk let the contestants know that not one, but two teams would be going home before the big finale on Tuesday night.

Who has left Beauty and the Geek Australia?

TeamsTeamStatusThe BeautyThe GeekEmma Caminiti, 21 NSW (Miss Congeniality)Jeremy Reading, 24 ACT (Chess Champion)WinnerLisa McMahon, 21 SA (Aspiring Actress)Corin Storkey, 28 VIC (Synthetic Organic Chemist)Runner-upMichelle Smith, 18 QLD (Meter Maid)Peter Scott, 28 WA (Fungal Scientist)Eliminated in episode 85 more rows

Are Millie and Dane still together?

Though things quickly blossomed on set between Lincoln and geek Dane Gade, who declared their love for each other in last weeks episode, the 18-year-old beauty queen said that outside the mansion their relationship fizzled out. “Unfortunately, Dane and I arent a couple any more, were still good friends,” she said.

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