Question: Is kundali matching accurate?

Answer: A correctly done Kundli-Milan indeed guarantees a long, happy marriage. But, the process of comprehensive Horoscope matching has to be done by an accomplished marriage-astrologer. Kundli Milan for subsequent marriages is even more important than for the first marriage.

How reliable is Kundli matching?

The traditional approach to marriages emphasizes on Kundli matching for successful marriages. Nevertheless, we see many marriages approved by Kundli matching fail while many marriages violating the Kundli matching succeed.

Is Online Kundli matching true?

Mostly, we visit astrologer or near by panditji to match horoscope of two partners, but due to busy life, most of people prefer to check online kundli matching software, which gives machine-generated reports of pre-filled algorithms. These reports are not accurate as well, not preferable at all.

Is kundali matching scientific?

A science that has been practiced since the ancient times in India, Kundali matching has played an important role and continues to do so when it comes to making life decisions and marriage in India. Kundali matching before marriage describes the entire lifestyle between the couples, they are going to lead.

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