Question: What is Scout app?

SKOUT is the developer of a location-based social networking and dating application and website. The application also allows users to instant message or send virtual gifts to one another. The company segregates its adult and teen communities. SKOUT is available in 189 countries and 16 languages.

What is Scout app sass?

Scout is a cross-platform app that delivers the power of Sass & Compass into the hands of web designers. Scout helps make your CSS workflow a snap by delivering more control, optimization, and organization. No developer required.

How does Scout app work?

It keeps track of where youve driven and lets you save your favorite destinations. Easy-to-read with automatic day and night modes, Scout® GPS Link connects your car to your smartphone and to the cloud. After the app is installed on your phone, connect it via Bluetooth® to your vehicles multimedia system.

How do I use Sass Scout app?

Click on Add a Project to add your website folder to the Scout-App workspace. Then, type in the Input Folder, which is the folder that contains the . scss files and also the Output Folder, which should contain the compiled . css files.

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