Question: Can you use Badoo online?

Does Badoo have a website?

The app is available on iOS, Android, and the web. Badoo operates on a freemium model, whereby the core services can be used without payment.

What does online now mean on Badoo?

A green dot next to their name means theyre online now and an orange dot means they were online recently. Badoo users can choose if they would like to have their online status shown or not. We have this function to allow users to have complete freedom of their profile.

Can you use Badoo without location?

People Nearby is the section where you can browse users in your city or region. Badoo is free to use but if you want to stand out from the crowd go and check out our premium services such as credits and Badoo Premium.

Is Badoo just a dating app?

Badoo is a dating app and social discovery app in one. You can access it from iOS devices, Android devices, and from desktop browsers. It has over 345 million people worldwide - more users than the entire US population - and lets you find people in 190 countries and in 47 languages.

How can you tell if someone is online on Badoo?

How do you know if someone is active on Badoo? You can see the online status of another user in People Nearby, your Connections or on their profile. A green dot next to their name means theyre online now and an orange dot means they were online recently.

Does Badoo track location?

Badoo uses your phone GPS to find out where you are. If you cannot manually change your location, turn off your phones GPS and try again. If youre using a web browser, turn off location services and retry that.

Is Badoo a bad app?

Badoo is generally safe to use. Users can verify their profiles with pictures, phone numbers, or by linking social media. Having many ways to verify a profile deters fake profiles or fraud. To add to your safety, set your profile settings so you only get messages from users with verified profiles.

How long are you online on Badoo?

Heres a handy list: Green dot: The user is online or was online within the last 30 minutes. Grey dot: All users appear grey if youve hidden your status or if the user was online more than 30 minutes ago.

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