Question: Is Delray Beach worth visiting?

One of The Palm Beaches local and visitor favorites, Delray Beach is known as “Floridas Village By the Sea” thanks to its small-town vibe with a glamorous edge. Here, youll find a happening dining and nightlife scene, beautiful beaches, arts and culture, and more.

Does Delray Beach have a boardwalk?

Enjoy nature at its best while taking a leisurely stroll along miles of elevated boardwalk stretching over acres of wetlands and water – the wetlands are free and open to the public. Named as the top beach in the southeastern U.S. by Travel Holiday magazine, Delray Municipal Beach is popular by people of all ages.

Does Delray Beach have a downtown?

Delray Beach is one of the top 5 downtown shopping districts in the US. It is filled with an exciting collection of restaurants, specialty shops and hotels all clustered around beautiful, walkable streets and squares.

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