Question: Is legit?

Overall, is an excellent service, and its definitely worth using if you need help discovering great music that fits your style. Try it yourself to see how you like it!

How does track songs?

Track the music you listen to by scrobbling via our desktop and mobile apps or by connecting to many of your favourite music services.

How do I fix last FM?

Disconnect directly @ access to the app in your Spotify accounts settings.Reconnect @ Spotify.Voila! It works again.Jun 19, 2018

Why isnt my last FM updating?

We are aware that scrobbles arent updating at present. This is caused by some planned maintenance work and should be temporary with no data loss.

Does count private session?

If you have enabled the new Spotify Scrobbling feature by on your Applications settings page, it will scrobble independently from your Spotify device and app. It does not support private sessions though, see the official announcement.

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