Question: Is Moorcroft pottery still made?

William Moorcroft founded his own pottery company in 1913. The Official Moorcroft Web Site reflects on that move to his own factory: “William marched his workforce across Cobridge Park to a new factory in Sandbach Road where Moorcroft pottery is still made today.

How can you tell a fake Moorcroft?

All Moorcroft pieces have markings on the base. They will identify that the piece was made in England and the year the piece was made. The design year and initials will also show who the tubeliner or painter was. You might also find an artists mark, sometimes called a Moorcroft signature or monogram.

Does Moorcroft buy debt?

Yes, Moorcroft Debt Recovery buy debt off of the company you owe money to. This is because the company have been unable to get the debt off of you. Moorcroft Debt Recovery make money by trying to collect all or some of the debt off of you.

Is Moorcroft a legit company?

Yes, Moorcroft Debt Collection might also be called the Moorcroft Group. Regardless of the name used, they are a legitimate debt collector. So, they are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, like many other debt collection firms.

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