Question: Should you give a date a second chance?

If things didnt meet your initial expectations, Masini says you should definitely consider giving em a second chance. “There is always the chance that this is the one, and you both just werent on top of your game,” she explains. “If youve been looking for someone who has the qualities this person has, try again.

Would you give someone who stood you up a second chance?

NO. You should not give him another chance.

What to say to someone that stood you up?

You could text something like Hope you are okay. Or, another option is to text, Did I get the day and time wrong? This allows the person to explain themselves, without putting yourself in too vulnerable of a position.

Should I text someone who stood me up?

It sucks, but the good thing is that even if you cant control it, you can control your response. So, should you text someone after they stood you up? According to experts, its totally up to you.

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