Question: Who is Elin married to now?

Are Jordan Cameron and Elin still together?

Elin has moved on with former NFL player Jordan Cameron. They had a baby together last year. A source told Us Weekly that Elin and Jordan were very happy about the pregnancy, adding, Elin maintains a low profile and has a normal, boring life. Florida allows her to live that quiet life.

Who is Elin Woods married to now?

Jordan Cameron (2019–) Elin Nordegren/Partner

Did Elin Nordegren get married?

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were married for nearly six years. Three years after tying the knot at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados, Woods and Nordegren welcomed their first child together, daughter Sam Alexis Woods born in 2007. Two years later, their second child, son Charlie Axel, was born.

Who is Tiger married to?

Elin Nordegrenm. 2004–2010 Tiger Woods/Spouse

Is Phil Mickelson a pilot?

Phil Mickelson A passionate flier, a licensed pilot and a previous Gulfstream V owner, Phil knows what excellence looks like in the air. Joining VistaJet as a Program Member in 2019, Phil shares his experience of flying with VistaJet and how it has helped him to play more efficiently on tour.

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