Question: Is Love and Seek free?

Making Contact on LoveAndSeek A free membership only allows you to save interesting users to your favorites list for easy access in case the time comes wherein you decide to get a premium membership. Flirts are also free to send, but take note that only premium members can view their flirts.

Is LoveAndSeek free?

All new users can explore LoveAndSeek with a free account. To get started, sign up with your email address and enter basic information like your location, gender, and date of birth.

What is Love and Seek?

Love And Seek is an online Christian dating site which aims to ease up the journey of Christian singles that are seeking for a relationship built on common beliefs. To get started with Love and Seek, users must enter some basic information such as email address, date of birth, belief, and gender.

How do I cancel my love and seek account?

Delete Your Account Through Website On my account page click on view account status link under “Account Status Tab”. Now click on more account status change and then click on remove my profile link to permanently delete your account.

Is LoveAndSeek com legit?

LoveAndSeek, owned and operated by the reputable People Media, Inc. has hundreds of real success stories published on its website confirming its credibility as a premium online dating website.

How much is love and seek?

There is a one-time processing fee of USD3 .Is LoveAndSeek expensive or cheap?Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal1 Month16.99 USD / Month16.99 USD3 Months12.32 USD / Month36.97 USD2 more rows

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