Question: Who did Brooks marry?

Does Brooks have cancer?

During the reunion episode of Real Housewives of Orange County in 2013, Brooks said he was diagnosed with stage III non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Did Alexis and Jim lose their house?

RHOC Star Alexis Bellino Loses ANOTHER Home to Ex-Husband, Turns Over Property in Divorce Totaling $7 Million. According to court records, Alexis recently signed the deed of their $3.65 million San Juan Capistrano mansion to her ex-husband, Jim Bellino. The couple purchased the 5-bedroom, 6.25-bathroom, 7,269 sq. ft.

How much did Shannon get in her divorce?

For several months, they played dirty in the divorce and refused to settle. Eventually, in June 2019, they hashed out a deal that resolved all issues relating to their money and custody. Per their deal, Shannon walked away with $10,000 a month in support and a $1.4 million lump-sum payment.

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