Question: At what age BTS will marry?

Jimin himself wrote that he would be married “in about 15 years”. At the time Jimin was still 21 years old, which means that his intention to get married is around 36 years old. Kim Taehyung or V, who is 24 years old, wants to get married before his friends, since the ideal age for the BTS idol is 30 years old.

What age does Jungkook want to marry?

J-Hope and Jungkook seem to be in no rush to get married as they both wrote 100, jokingly. Seems like the duo is happy being single and giving all their love to BTS and ARMY instead! Jimin had an interesting way to write his ideal age to get married, which is 35-36.

Are BTS allowed to marry?

That, RM, member of the incredibly famous K-pop group BTS, is not only married but has kids – plural.

At what age joined BTS?

BTS and its equally as famous members have taken the world by storm since making their debut. With their youngest member being just 15 when the band debuted, BTS members are a varied range of ages from 23 to 28. Jin is the oldest member while Jungkook is the baby of the group, aka maknae.

Who are BTS most likely to marry?

BTS - Most likely to get married / their opinions on marriage (Most to Least)Jin. We feel that Jin is definitely someone who has his heart set of marriage in the future as we see him as someone who is very traditional and romantic. Jungkook. J-Hope. V. Jimin. Suga. RM.16 Aug 2019

Does Jungkook want to marry?

Jungkook once said he wanted to get marry at the age of 100 In fact, a few years before, he said that he would not get married until he was 100. According to Koreaboo, a fan attended a BTS fansign event in 2015 and shared that they asked the members which age they would like to get married at.

Who does Jungkook crush on hard?

Who does Jungkook crush on hard? It is no secret that Jungkook is a hardcore fan of IU. He has also repeatedly named the 24-year-old singer as his celebrity crush. When IUs name was called as the winner of the Year of the Album Award, Jungkook was spotted beaming widely.

What is Taehyungs IQ?

Kim Taehyungs IQ: 142.

Is Jungkook still studying 2020?

What is Jungkook studying in college? jungkook however graduated highschool from school of performing arts seoul. currently, he is completing his degree at global cyber university majoring in bachelors of entertainment and brodcasting.

Which country has the most BTS fans 2020?

Which Country Has The Most BTS Fans 2021 - FAQsWhich Country Has The Most BTS Fans 2021? Philipines is one of the top countries that has most fans.What are some of the top countries that has most fans for BTS. Philippines. South Korea. Indonesia. Vietnam. Thailand.Apr 20, 2021

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