Question: How do you get matches on dil mil?

To pass on someone, swipe left. You can also Superlike someone or send a Note to show them youre really interested. If both people swipe right on each other, then congrats – its a match!

What are Dil details on dil mil?

Dil Details are unique facts about someones Dil Mil profile. You can learn more about another persons personality and what theyre looking for as well as some of their behavioral insights on Dil Mil (when they were last active, how often they respond to matches, etc.).

Who can use dil mil?

Dil Mil is a matchmaking app designed for Southern Asians, but anyone above 17 years can sign up. It finds you a match after you input information about your identity.

Does Dil Mil cost?

Is Dil Mil free? The app and signing up of account is free. It also has some free to use functionality including matchmaking and messaging. Full functionality is for premium accounts with payment.

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