Question: What is the fastest way to get experience in World of Warships?

How do you get research experience in World of Warships?

Research Points can be earned for the first victories playing Tier V–X ships after resetting the branch. The exact number of Research Points earned depends on the ships tier. Resetting a branch of ships can bring you up to 10,200 Research Points: 200 for the first victory playing a Tier V ship.

What does premium do in World of Warships?

Warships Premium Account applies only to World of Warships. It brings you more credits and XP that can facilitate your progress in the game, and brings you more XP per battle than Wargaming Premium Account. Warships Premium Account offers you the following bonuses: +65% XP per battle.

How does experience work in World of Warships?

Base Experience Experience is the primary research currency in World of Warships. Players earn experience in the same way as they do Credits — through battles and special missions. Experience is measured by Experience Points (XP).

What is free experience in World of Warships?

Free Experience (Free Exp) in WoWs Blitz can be used to research new ships and is not bound by nation or tier. - All the research on that ship has to be completed. Sometimes this means more than one ship has to be researched. - You need to have gold to exchange Exp to Free Exp.

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