Question: What happened to Jackfm?

What happen to Jack FM?

Jack FM is a radio network branding licensed by Sparknet Communications, with the exception of the European Union where it sold the rights in 2015 to Oxis Media.

Who is the new voice of Jack FM?

His name is Paul Darrow. Hes better known as Avon from Blakes 7. Hes got a huge following around the world who listen to JACK only to hear the bits between the songs. Take a look at his fansite here.

Where is Jack FM located?

Los Angeles Although Jack proclaims that the station is run in a dumpy little building in Culver City, studios and offices for KCBS-FM are actually located at 5670 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles after moving from their previous studios at the corner of Fairfax and Venice in 2018. The stations transmitter is based on Mount Wilson.

What frequency is Jack FM?

106.8 MHz FM JACKfm is an adult hits format radio station that broadcasts on 106.8 MHz FM in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, and on DAB in Oxfordshire. Between 2016 and 2017 it also broadcast in Surrey and parts of Hampshire.

Is Jack FM on Sirius radio?

Sirius Xm | 92.9 Jack FM.

What station is the jack?

Email. Listen to 93.1 Jack FM, an Adult Hits station based in Los Angeles.

How many listeners does Jack FM have?

400,000 listeners JACK CEO Ian Walker said: “We have been on such an incredible journey with this exciting radio brand, which started with 10,000 listeners in Oxfordshire when we first launched the brand 12 years ago, and today boasts almost 400,000 listeners across five radio stations.

Why do radio stations play the same song over and over?

So why do radio stations keep playing the same song you heard just 30 minutes ago and 30 minutes before that? So to ensure people hear their favourite pop hit anytime they might be tuning in, stations play the odds and keep repeating it throughout the day, regardless of how many times theyve already played it.

Whats the best channel for a FM transmitter?

FM transmitters work like tiny radios, broadcasting audio from your iPhone or mobile music player over a standard FM frequency that you tune in on your car stereo. Set the transmitter to broadcast on 89.9 FM, tune your radio to that frequency, and you should hear your music.

Is Jack FM on Iheart?

97.7 Jack FM | iHeartRadio.

What station is Jack FM?

Listen to 93.1 Jack FM, an Adult Hits station based in Los Angeles.

Has Sam FM changed its name?

Bauers Bournemouth and Bristol stations Fire and Sam are rebranding to Hits Radio and taking the networks national breakfast show from September. The two stations rebrand on September 6th 2021.

Do radio DJs choose music?

Despite being on the front line of the BBCs musical output, Radio 1s DJs do not choose the vast majority of the tracks they play. Producers select several playlists weekly, from which DJs choose most of their music. There is a science to programming Radio 1, said Mr Ergatoudis.

Why does my FM transmitter have static?

If the audio you feed into your FM transmitter is too low, youll hear a lot of static because there is always some static in the background, and you have to turn the sound up a TON to get your music feed.

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