Question: What are the challenges of dating a disabled person?

What are the challenges of person with disability?

Persons with disabilities lack access to employment opportunities and even if they are able to get employment they face problems such as reasonable accommodation at work, accessible public transportation to get them to work and back and discrimination and ignorance about their potential at work.

What are the biggest challenges faced when trying to get a job with a disability?

Lack of assistance in finding, securing and maintaining employment. Difficulty in accessing skills training and education. Potential reduction or loss of the Disability Support Pension as a result of increased employment. Difficulty experienced in accessing flexible work arrangements.

Is it harder to get a job if you have a disability?

For people with disabilities, finding a job is hard and finding a full-time job is harder. The bureau found that a full third of the people with disabilities were working part time, while just a fifth of people who are not disabled work part time.

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