Question: Which areas of Oakland are bad?

What is the safe side of Oakland?

People who live in Oakland generally consider the northeast part of the city to be the safest. Your chance of being a victim of crime in Oakland may be as high as 1 in 6 in the west neighborhoods, or as low as 1 in 61 in the northeast part of the city.

Where can I walk in Oakland?

10 great walks in OaklandSlide 1: Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline Park. Slide 2: Mandela Parkway. Slide 3: Stonewall Fire Trail. Slide 4: Lake Temescal. Slide 5: Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Slide 6: Morcom Rose Garden. Slide 7: Lake Merritt. Slide 8: Jack London Waterfront.More items •29 Dec 2010

How walkable is Portland Oregon?

Walk Score Map Portland is the 13th most walkable large city in the US with 583,776 residents. Portland has good public transportation and is very bikeable. Find apartments in Portlands most walkable neighborhoods: Pearl, Old Town Chinatown and Downtown.

Is Alameda safer than Oakland?

Compared to Oakland and most of San Francisco, Alameda is a safe haven, but is far from being a safe little town. According to, Alameda has a crime index of 24 out of 100, 100 being the safest. In comparison, Oakland has a crime index of 1, San Francisco a 2, and Danville a 57.

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