Question: Is Telegra ph free?

Free App for News Lovers This free app has been created by the Telegraph team and allows anyone who has a flair for writing and something to say to get their stories printed and share their point of view.

Is Telegra PH anonymous?

Telegram now has a blogging platform to go along with its popular messaging app. Its called Telegraph and, according to VentureBeat, offers fast publishing and anonymous posting — without requiring you to register an account or sign in through social media.

How can I use Telegram Telegraph?

Telegraph posts get beautiful Instant View pages on Telegram. To try it, go to, publish a story, and share it on Telegram. With Telegraph, your Telegram channel can run stories just like the mainstream media (although you may find it tricky to become as biased).

How do you make a telegraph page?

You just go to, and start writing. You can type a title, your name, some text, and add a photo or embed content -- tweets and videos, for example -- from the internet.

How can I know who visited my Telegram account?

While it does provide you with a way to get alerts every time a new user joins the platform, there is no way you can know who viewed your profile on Telegram. Just like Whatsapp and other social sites, it does not have a direct option that enables people to see who checked their profile picture.

How can I check my Telegra PH?

Simply click the magnifying glass in the navigation bar in the top right hand corner of the page. From here you can type in a topic, name or news story into our dedicated search engine powered by Google. Youll be able to sort your results by date or relevance to help you find the article you are looking for.

Is telegram still used today?

NTT and KDDI still offer telegram service. Telegrams are used mainly for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, graduations, etc. Local offices offer telegrams printed on special decorated paper and envelopes.

How can I see who visited my Telegram profile?

In the visitors section, you will see the Telegram user visited your profile and in the visited section, you will be able to see the contacts to whom you visited their profile. So with the help of this application, you might be able to see Who viewed your Telegram profile.

Why telegram is banned?

Telegram was banned by the Russian authorities in 2018 for two years, after which the ban was lifted in 2020. The Russian authorities wanted access to the encrypted messages of Telegram, failing which the app would face a ban in the country. However, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov did not comply with the authorities.

Which country use telegram the most?

Telegram key statisticsTelegram has 500 million monthly active users and projects over one billion users by 2022.Telegram is the most popular messaging app in Iran and Uzbekistan (SimilarWeb via ChartsBin)Telegram reached 540 million total downloads in 2020, 500 million from Android devices.More items •7 Jul 2021

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