Question: What questions to ask a guy who wants to marry your daughter?

What do you say when asked to marry your daughter?

Start by saying a sentence or two about your love for their daughter. Then say something about why you feel now is the time to move the relationship to the next level and follow it by asking for their blessing. For example, you might say, As you know, I love your daughter very much.

How do you ask someones parents to marry their daughter?

Heres how to talk to your girlfriends father about getting married:Make sure you and your GF are on the same page about marriage. Meet the parents first if you can. Have a man-to-man conversation with her dad. Explain your wish to marry his daughter. Ask for his blessing to propose marriage. Now its time to PROPOSE!May 18, 2017

What do you talk about with your girlfriends parents?

20 Questions To Ask Your Girlfriends Parents When You Meet“How should I refer to you?” “How did you two meet?” “What did you study in college?” “Where do you work?” “Where did you grow up?” “What are your hobbies/interests?” “What was your girlfriend like as a kid?” “What do you like to cook?”More items •19 Mar 2020

How can I help my daughter meet a nice man?

Here are experts suggestions for what to do and, more important, for what not to do.Do examine your own motives. Do ask your child how you can best offer support. Do listen — and confirm what you heard. Do model healthy relationships. Do offer perspective without being negative. Do suggest breaks — and counseling.More items •18 Apr 2013

What do u call your boyfriends mom?

Seriously though, what do you call your boyfriends mom? Or your girlfriends dad? When youre growing up, this is a much easier question to answer. Everyones parents are Mr. this or Ms. that until a first name basis is established.

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