Question: How many wives can a Kurdish man have?

Most Kurdish marriages are monogamous marriages. However, Islam allows polygynous marriages; a man may have as many as four wives at one time providing that he fulfills his obligations as prescribed in Islam.

When Kurdistan was divided (from 1994 to 2005), polygamy was abolished under areas controlled by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan while legal under regions controlled by the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Can you have more than one wife in Iraq?

Under current Iraqi law, polygamy is illegal unless authorised by a judge - though it is part of the countrys Islamic tradition and has been backed in recent years by some religious groups. In Iraqs largest province, Anbar, a charity called Angel of Mercy has been helping widows remarry for the last four years.

Is polygamy allowed in Egypt?

Egypt is among Arab countries that allow Muslim men to marry more than one wife. Egypts laws are said to be sharia-based, which means that they must conform to Islamic law. Nonetheless, Islam restricts polygamy by making it necessary for men who have more than one wife to treat each wife fairly and on equal footing.

Polygamy is legal for men in Iran, who can have up to four wives at a time. But even though the practice is tolerated by the religious establishment, many Iranians (especially in the cities) consider it to be intolerable.

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