Question: How old is Amanda du Pont?

Is Amanda Du Pont white?

Du-Pont was born on 26 June 1988 in Manzini, Swaziland. She is of French, Italian, Portuguese and Swazi ancestry. She was born and raised in Manzini and lived with her cousin Alulutho Du Pont, also Swati. Later they moved to Mpumalanga to finish their schooling at Uplands College.

When was Amanda du Pont born?

June 26, 1988 (age 33 years) Amanda Du-Pont/Date of birth

Where does Amanda du Pont stay?

Amanda du Pont recently married her longtime boo Shawn Rodriques and the two are living it up in their luscious Johannesburg home. The two spend their time traveling the world together and this inspired the decoration of their lovely house.

Is nompumelelo mthiyane leaving Skeem Saam?

Its been months since she left the show and theres no sign of her coming back. Nompumelelo Mthiyane played by Amanda Du-Pont is one of the main characters on the SABC 1s educational drama; Skeem Saam.

What is pretty from Skeem Saams real name?

Lerato MarabeSkeem Saam Pretty Seakamela/Played by

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