Question: Is it difficult to make friends in Norway?

The next best thing is to make friends in Norway, however, this is not easy. When you dont understand the subtexts in society and you dont know the language it is extremely hard to make Norwegian friends here. When you dont have the same background, the same upbringing and the same experiences it is hard to connect.

How hard is it to make friends in Norway?

Trying to make Norwegian friends is not always easy, and believe it or not, them ignoring you just after a party does not necessarily mean they dont like you (but it can of course. This is an illusion, you need to meet a Norwegian when sober to make sure he or she is really interested in becoming your friend.

Are Norwegians good friends?

They know that if they owe something to the other they may not be able to get ride of that person afterwards, so they prefer to keep all interactions equal and in equilibrium. Once you established trust, over a few years, Norwegians then open up and are fantastic friends.

Is life difficult in Norway?

Finding work in Norway can be extremely difficult. With such a highly educated and skilled population, its hard to carve out a place for yourself. In addition, Norwegian companies tend to “hire for life” because it is almost impossible to fire someone here, with the exception of extenuating circumstances.

How do you make friends in Norwegians?

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How do Norwegians socialize?

Norwegians socialize around so called frame activities. They form social bubbles with their sports friends, charity organisations they work for etc. And even when you do become friends with a Norwegian, you are more likely to play a game with a friend than discussing the news.

Is alcoholism a problem in Norway?

Norway has a number of problems with alcohol due to its reputation for hard core drinking, and has introduced legislation to try and address these issues.

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