Question: Is Saga magazine still going?

Saga Magazine July 2021 The July issue of Saga Magazine is out now!

How much does yours magazine cost?

Get Yours magazine delivered straight to your door with free UK delivery every fortnight for only £3.10 a month!

How often is Yours magazine published?

26 issues per year 26 issues per year.

How often is yours retro magazine published?

12 issues per year 12 issues per year Take a break from the modern world and take a walk down memory lane instead with Yours Retro magazine.

How do I stop emails from Saga?

You can unsubscribe from our marketing emails at any time by updating your marketing preferences in MySaga by visiting or by calling 0800 092 3665.

How do you cancel a magazine subscription?

If you want to cancel your order or subscription via phone, you should:Call 800-624-2946.Request that your subscription is canceled.

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