Question: How to find a smart person to date?

How do I meet an intellectual man?

Just go to a target rich environment where you would meet intelligent men. Be yourself, charming, have a personality and humor. You dont even need to be educated yourself, just life or street smart works out as well and let love find its way. You will automatically get attracted to what works for you.

How can I meet more intelligent people?

How to Meet Intelligent Friends1 Set an intention to make new friends.2 Put down your phone when youre out in public.3 Go to art shows, museums, and cultural events.4 Reach out to intelligent people who have impacted you.5 Hang out with other intelligent friends you have.6 Take a continuing education class.More items

Where can I find intellectuals?

You can create your own or join an intellectual group in an area that interests you. Joining groups is usually free. Frequent your local library and bookstore. Intellectuals tend to be readers and libraries and book stores have activities for dedicated readers, like book groups and author discussions.

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