Question: Do dating sites sell your information?

In the United States, user data collected by dating apps is also up for sale, via data brokers. User location data is both among the most sensitive and most profitable data that data brokers compile and sell, leading to the growth of a new location data economy.

Do dating apps keep your data?

In this regard, the cybersecurity firm Avast , warned in a statement that if you have used an online dating site or application, you have given them a lot of information. Sites like OkCupid and are very open about the personal data they collect because they do a questionnaire to help you find a partner.

Does tinder sell your information?

Dating apps Tinder, Grindr and OkCupid are among the mobile apps that sell personal information about their users in possible violation of privacy laws, the Consumer Council of Norway on Tuesday alleged in a report. The study found that the apps shared data with at least 135 different third parties.

Do dating apps save your photos?

If youre sharing photos or videos through a dating app, yes, the company has access to those. But a dating platform can also have access to data about your activity on social media platforms if you connect them to your dating profile.

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