Question: Why you shouldnt move to Florida?

Is it good to move to Florida?

From the lack of state income tax to the sunny weather, there are plenty of reasons to love calling Florida home. Its diverse population, delectable food and many theme parks and attractions also make it a particularly interesting place to live.

Is Florida a good or bad place to live?

Is Florida a Good Place to Live? Florida has a lot to offer—the warm climate, natural beauty, theme parks, resorts, and no state income tax. Orlando, where I live, is an up and coming cosmopolitan region—it has good colleges, a thriving arts community, great museums, and fine restaurants.

Is Florida cheap to live in?

Despite being a haven for beachfront homes, celebrities, and year-round tourism, Florida is still an affordable place to live. If you have some flexibility when moving to the Sunshine State, you can still find an affordable cost of living in Florida that boasts beaches, culture, and a strong job market.

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