Question: What is Mt Gambier used for?

Mount Gambier is 436kms from Adelaide and 441kms from Melbourne, and is the centre for a large transport industry resulting from its central location, between Melbourne and Adelaide. The largest industry is the timber industry, supported by milling operations.

Can you swim in Mount Gambier?

No, you cant swim in the Blue Lake. But there is the Little Blue Lake about 10 minutes out of Mount Gambier at Mount Schank. You cant swim in it as it is the towns water supply. They are very careful about rubbish being washed into it from the streets too, so it is kept in very good condition.

Why is Mount Gambier called Mount Gambier?

It lies at the foot of Mount Gambier (623 feet [190 metres]), an extinct volcano with four crater lakes that was sighted in 1800 by Lieutenant James Grant of the Royal Navy, who named it after Admiral James (later Lord) Gambier.

Why does Mount Gambier have so many sinkholes?

As the volcanoes rocked the earth over 5,000 years ago, lava caves formed, an array of cenotes developed and breathtaking lakes established the limestone foundation of Mount Gambier. This created a region that is truly unique.

How deep is the little blue?

about 47 metres The lake has a diameter of about 40 metres, with cliffs approaching a height of about 8 metres above water level and a maximum depth of about 47 metres . The shallowest point is a depth of about 25 metres. Access for cave diving is limited to holders of the CDAA Deep Cavern grade.

Will Mt Gambier erupt?

While Mount Gambier and Mount Schank are considered volcanically active, but are unlikely to erupt again.

How deep is the Mount Gambier sinkhole?

Kilsby Sinkhole Now, you can pay to tour the crystal clear, 60m deep sinkhole. If you dont want to free dive, snorkel, or scuba dive you can still look around the site. You can also sample some of the gin distilled on the property made with the beautiful water.

What do you do about a sinkhole?

8 Actions To Take if You Believe You Have a SinkholeStep #1: Keep Away. Step #2: Leave Your Impacted House Immediately. Step #3: Fence or Rope Off the Area. Step #4: Contact Your Insurance Company. Step #5: Consult with a Soil Testing Firm or Engineering Company. Step #6: Monitor the Sinkhole for Signs of Growth.More items

Is it safe to swim in the Little Blue Lake?

Little Blue Lake, just meters off the B82 between Derby and Gladstone, is a beautiful little lake which, as its name suggests, has a vivid aqua blue colour. The lake is popular with the locals for waterskiing, but swimming is not recommended due to the high mineral content in the water.

How deep is the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier?

77 m Blue Lake/Max depth

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