Question: How much does it cost to be on BBB?

How much does it cost to be a member of BBB?

Number of EmployeesAccreditation FeeApp Fee101-200$680.00$75.0051-100$635.00$75.0026-50$560.00$75.0011-25$435.00$75.008 more rows

Do companies pay to be on BBB?

There are more than 400,000 BBB Accredited Businesses across North America. Not only do these businesses believe in the BBB Standards for Trust, they agree to meet higher standards than non-accredited businesses, and they pay dues to BBB that allow us to offer our services for free to consumers.

Is the BBB legit?

The BBB rating system relies on an A+ through F letter-grade scale. The grades represent BBBs degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filed with the BBB .Better Business Bureau.Founded1912Websitewww.bbb.org12 more rows

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